CE.way is a regulatory consulting company providing testing and regulatory services, including the EU Responsible person services, for the cosmetics industry.

Why choose CE.way to help you?

1We keep it simple and understandable! We provide thorough instructions, various templates, booklets, videos etc. to make the process easier and faster.

2We have a flexible working schedule, meaning that we don’t just work 9-5, but also in the evening and often during the weekends (whenever our clients need us!) so that your queries get replied ASAP. Responsiveness is often quoted as one of our strongest points by our clients.

3We are a one-stop shop, providing all of the testing and regulatory services that you need in order to enter the EU market at one single place.

4We offer various packages of services as well as individual services, so that you can choose exactly the service that you need.

5Despite all of that, we maintain a highly competitive pricing.

6We are experts in the EU cosmetics regulation.

cosmetics regulatory services EU

We provide regulatory and testing services for the cosmetics industry

We help manufacturers sell their products on the EU market by taking care of their regulatory affairs.

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Members of Cosmetics Consultants Europe and The Society
of Cosmetics Scientists.

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