Cosmetic Product Notification Portal (CPNP) notification

The final pre-market requirement is to notify your products to the CPNP (Cosmetic Products Notification Portal). CPNP is an online portal where certain information about the product has to be uploaded.

Product labelling and claims

Specific rules apply when it comes to cosmetic product labelling in the EU. Certain things have to be written on the labels, others are prohibited. An imporant aspect of the labelling are also cosmetic product claims. We provide guidance on the labelling requirements, check your labels, and work with you to make them compliant. You can also check the labelling requirements here.

Product information file (PIF)

Before placing a product on the market, it needs to have a Product Information File (PIF) prepared. In general Product Information File contains the product formula, various finished product, raw materials and packaging specifications and tests. CE.way lets you know which are all the documents that have to be included in the PIF and prepares the PIF. We can also perform some tests that have to be included in the PIF if you don't have those done yet.

Responsible person

Each product placed on the EU market needs to have an EU based Responsible person (RP) assigned. Responsible person's main task is to ensure compliance of the cosmetic products with the EU regulation 1223/2009. CE.way takes over this role and ensures that your products are compliant with the EU cosmetics legislation.

Cosmetic product classification

Not every product that we may consider cosmetic product in our everyday life would be classified as a cosmetic in the EU. And not every product that's classified as a cosmetic for example in USA would be classified as a cosmetic in the EU. We help you determine if your product is indeed a cosmetic product or not. You can also check the definition of cosmetic products in the EU here.